towVeterans Memorial Park of Kentucky is located on almost 66,000 sq. feet in an educational complex that includes a high school, middle school, and two elementary schools. The setting of the Park is in the Theodore Klein Historical Tree Museum. Trees have been identified by American Heritage Girls for Park visitors. Also, additional flowering trees will be planted.

The location of the Park is in Crestwood, KY off, Veterans Memorial Parkway (a section KY 329), is approximately 1 ½ miles south from I-71, Exit 14, and is handicap accessible.

The main entrance of the Park has a brick pad consisting of engraved bricks of only veterans. Bricks for servicemembers who died in service of their country and POWs/MIAs will be distinctive with different colors than veterans’ bricks. A monument in the shape of Kentucky recognizing Park Sponsors and supporters will also be at the entrance along with the installed information kiosk.

The 900 foot sidewalk, called “300 Years of Military History” is:
• Segmented and each segment is 72” X 36” which permits two wheel chairs to pass each other
• Has brick inserts that have sequential years engraved in each insert, beginning with 1775
• Includes colored segments that indicate at least one American died in a military action that year
During ceremonies, historical American flags are placed along the sidewalk during ceremonies to illustrate which flag was flown in battles of that era. Student docents are planned to stand by the flag to provide historical information it.

Three types of educational markers about military actions are installed along the sidewalk:
• Granite pedestal markers include information about specific military actions with individual markers for those actions where at least 100 were killed; other markers may include multiple military actions
• Markers on metal poles provide quotes concerning the military and veterans
• Informational markers are installed in the ground with specific information about military history, such as the Windtalkers, Tuskegee Airmen, women in the military, military dogs
• Kentucky County markers are installed in the ground acknowledging those who served from their county

Military history is depicted on large panoramic black granite monuments with etched pictures that is  the focus of the Park, beginning with the Revolutionary War.

Benches are also installed. There are three 30-foot flag poles for the American, Kentucky, and POW flags.

There will be a five-sided gazebo with each side having a granite pad by it. The installedpads have military branch emblems and a place for the branch’s flags to be placed next to them during ceremonies. On the grounds, there will be a speaker’s stand.

Also planned is an area designated as the “LZ”, representing the Vietnam War Landing Zone, where organizations (e.g. VFW, Marine units) and fanmiies will be able to sponsor a marker with information about their organization/family’s military history.

In the future, bronze dioramas will be added to reflect the military’s uniforms and personal equipment from wars in history.

The Park also includes:
• An outdoor classroom that was done as an Eagle Scout project
• A Liberty Elm Tree from the Liberty Tree Society that was donated by the Sons of the American Revolution and patriotic bird houses decorated and placed in other trees by an American Heritage girl.

It is worth mentioning that a decision was made for the pedestal markers and branch medallion holders by the gazebo will be made utilizing American granite. This has greatly increased the project’s cost by several hundred thousand dollars. But, the Board decided that using American granite on these Park elements is important regardless of the cost, even if completed construction of the Park is delayed. Concerning the Korean War pedestal, can you imagine a veteran from that war reading the topper about it which is mounted on Chinese granite!




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