New components will annually be added to the Park.  Sponsorship of the components is available for individual, businesses, and organizations. 


Sponsorship of the component will be recognized in the Park.



Quote Marker—Quotes on metal concerning the military or veterans on a metal stake. $600


County Marker—12” X 12” recognizes the military service and sacrifice of that Kentucky county’s residents—10 installed. $800


Diversity/Education Marker—12" X 18" granite markers that contain diversity or military specific information etched on black granite such as Windtalkers, Rainbow Division, Tuskegee Airmen, WW II women aviators, military service animals, the Four Chaplains, the Draft, Buffalo Soldiers, Green Mountain Boys, the Swamp Fox. Sponsor-selected subject is an available option (e.g. 1st Marine Division/Chosin Resavoir Battle, Army Security Agency). $800 


Landing Zone (“LZ”) marker—12” X 18” granite markers that an organization or individual provides information about a veteran/military-related organization (approximately 170 words, less words if logo provided).  Will be placed within a concentrated Park area. $800


Bench—Black granite chair/pedestal benches with military scenes etched on them OR metal benches with a military-theme pattern. $2,500


Pedestal—American granite pedestals that provide information about actions where Americans fought and died. Additional pedestals will include those for Medal of Honor and Purple Heart. Two pedestals will be installed for the Civil War (North/South), WW II (Pacific/Europe Theater of Operations), Vietnam (Military/Political War). $10,000


6' X 6' Panoramic Monument—Granite monument that include pictures of significant actions/individuals etched into a black granite insert. Considered Monuments:  Revolutionary War, War of 1812/Indian Wars, Spanish American War/Philippines War, WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq/Afghanistan. $25,000


Please contact Don Helton, Board of Directors Chair, at 502-243-9998 or for more information.


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